Pinkwashing: Rainbow Capitalism & Homonationalism

June is pride month — an honoring for the Stonewall riots and its contribution to catalyzing the LGBTQ movement, and an unapologetic celebration of being queer. Now, this concept is all cupcakes and sprinkles until the pitfalls of the movement are exposed.

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One Fair Wage Campaign

I attended the ACLU membership conference this past weekend, which featured an incredible set of speakers, including Kerry Washington, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Patrisse Cullors! Be prepared for an influx of posts regarding the conference 🙂

What I especially loved about this conference is that the speakers gave concrete steps to take in order to support a larger movement (i.e. feminism, dismantling mass incarceration, etc).
The most memorable for me would be the One Fair Wage Campaign!

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Feminism is a loaded term at best, holding a myriad of interpretations ranging from associations with overrated social justice warriors to even the outdated and exclusive women’s movements of the past century. I myself tend to stray away from exclusively labeling myself as a “feminist,” especially for the latter reason, however I believe it is necessary to address many issues of modern-day feminism.

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